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About Us

Family is our number one priority here at Luxe Management and every community becomes like family to us. We strive to make sure HOA boards and homeowners feel taken care of, heard, and appreciated. By providing superb customer service, excellent communication, and solid expertise in our field, we ensure that everything goes smoothly in your neighborhood. Let Luxe Management take care of you. We proudly serve all of Central Florida and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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Our Expertise

Unparalleled Communication
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We know that getting your HOA management company on the phone can be tediously difficult and want you to be able to leave those experiences in the past. We are dedicated to providing first-rate communication: all calls and emails will be replied to within the same business day. Regular financial updates (without you ever having to ask!) as well as transparency regarding project bids and timelines are also provided. With us, you will no longer need to wonder when you’ll be hearing back from your HOA management company.

Legendary Resident Services

We are great at HOA management but it is not all that we do, as we are also experts in resident services. Our goal is to continuously come up with new and exciting ways to ensure the happiness of our community managers, HOA board members, and homeowners. Every resident is treated as an individual and our aim is to make sure every resident feels like they are our favorite because they are. Our managers and teams are offered online services that are easy to access as well as extended concierge services, among others.

Focused on Small to Mid Sized Communities
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We were aware that if we as a company tried to serve all of the different sized communitites, the quality of our service wouldn’t be as great as what these communitites deserve. This is why we decided to make smaller communitites the focal point of our service which in turn has made us experts in this area. Focusing on these neighborhoods means that we know them through and through and as a result can provide excellent service tailored to the area. Small to mid size communities consists of 2,500 homes or less. 

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Why Choose Us

Luxe Management is specialized in working with smaller to mid-sized communities. As a result, we have come to know the potential problems as well as all of the possibilities these neighborhoods offer. With our knowledge we are able to provide superior services in these communitites.

At Luxe Management, we are fully focused on our homeowners, fulfilling their requirements, and making their dreams a reality. We work hard in order to provide our homeowners with the high quality of life they deserve in their community.

With us, you will not have to wait for extended periods of time for your HOA management company to get back to you. Reach us via phone or e-mail for a reply within the same business day.  Here at Luxe Management, we are always within your reach.

We treat every person as an individual, whether we are talking with homeowners or our team of professionals. We make sure our team members are not overworked so that they are able to serve the community to the best of their ability while also enjoying their life.